• Submit your article through the Electronic Manuscript Submission System (EMSS) accessible at http://editorial.elsevier.com. Login information will be provided by your Elsevier Editor.
Title page

Title page should include:
  • Author affiliations, and email address for corresponding author
  • Disclosure statement
  • Synopsis/abstract (used for indexing services such as PubMed)
  • 5–8 Key Words
  • 3–5 Key Points (these should summarize the main clinical claims of your article)
Article format
  • Introduction should be a brief account of the article, and a statement of why it is significant (400–500 words)
  • Significance/in-depth analysis of the topic (2000–2500 words)
  • Current relevance, and future avenues to investigate regarding the topic (1200–1500 words)
  • Conclusions (800–1000 words)
Article content
  • Adhere to Template provided by your Elsevier Editor.
  • Present information in a visual manner (e.g., boxes, bulleted lists, tables).
  • Mention visual elements such as tables and figures in text so the typesetter knows where to place them in the printed article.
  • Order references numerically within the text, using AMA style. (Reference samples available on EMSS.)
  • The recommended number of references per article is 20–40.
  • Include systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and mark these with an asterisk in the reference list.
Figures and other visual elements
  • Make ample use of figures, tables, boxes, and other visual elements within the manuscript.
  • Figures should be high resolution (300 dpi; JPEG, TIF, EPS formats)
  • Include a legend for every figure and video, a title for every table and box
  • Any labels, abbreviations, and symbols in a figure should be explained in the figure legend.
Borrowed material
  • Include permission grants for all borrowed material. Permissions can usually be obtained through RightsLink. (see "Permissions" information on EMSS for more details).
  • Figures or Tables you create from published data are cited as "Data from…" and do not require permission.
  • Previously published materials are cited as "From…" and require permission.
  • If you alter previously published materials, cite as "Adapted from" and obtain permission.
  • Legends of borrowed figures should include full source citation. Reference numbers alone are not a sufficient citation and will delay production until further information is provided from the author.
  • Images downloaded from the Internet cannot be used.
  • Regarding photos of pharmaceutical devices, please only include figures of those products extensively discussed in the article. For all others, please substitute a link to the manufacturer's website. For any photos of devices included, permission from a company representative should be uploaded to EMSS along with the figure. (Links do not require permission.)

More detailed instructions can be found on the "Resources" tab of EMSS.